Smoked Salmon Filet in Wood Gift Box

from Trident Seafoods Corporation
$18.95 to $34.95



This wild Alaska salmon has been hand-filleted, brined and smoked to create a firm, delicate and wonderfully tasty fillet for your enjoyment. Succulent and mouth-watering, our smoked salmon is a treat to the palate, presented here in a beautiful wood gift box. We continue to smoke our products in the centuries-old manner of the Northwest and Alaskan Native Americans to produce our outstanding seafood products.

Shortly after harvest, we hand-fillet and lay the salmon on racks in our smokehouse, where they are slowly cured to perfection over aromatic hardwood fires. With our appreciation of nature's perfect foods and the desire to bring you the best, we continually monitor the smoking process until the moment our Smoke Master deems it ready.

We use exclusively Wild Alaska Salmon, which has been deemed a renewable resource.


salmon, salt, sugar.Naturally smoked with select hardwoods.


Trident Seafoods Corporation crafts delicious smoked salmon that is beautifully packaged. We cure and smoke sustainable wild Alaska salmon using the centuries-old methods of the Northwest Native Americans.
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